A wee while back, we featured Italian artist Denis Medri's designs for a rockabilly take on the Dark Knight. Since then, he's expanded his roster with some inspired 1950s Americana reinterpretations of Gotham's heroes and villains. His version of Two-Face — who is a "mix of Richie Cunningham and a Evil Fonz" — might just be the most affably ridiculous thing we've seen all day. Here are some other character-specific design notes from Medri:

- The Penguin is "a sort of entrepeneur fish industry import/export with criminal attitude."
- Poison Ivy is channeling Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors.
- Joker is rocking the Teddy Boy style.
- Catwoman is modeled on Bettie Page.

Here are all of the characters (including Batman, if you missed him the first time around) and an action figure tribute by sculptor Johnny Vu. DC Comics, the ball's in your court.

[Via Project Rooftop]