Here's a "cyborg mermaid from the future," whose body art includes moving robotic parts, gills, and an seven-foot long tail. Charmaine Orchard's absolutely stunning creation won first prize for special effects makeup at the Australian Body Art Carnivale at the Sunshine Coast.

Check out a video of the making of this insane art piece below, and see some more of the winning body art pieces. Warning: A couple of these might be NSFW.


All photos by Lisa Sista Photography via Australian Body Art Carnivale site, and AAP via The Australian.

Here's a video documenting the creation of Charmaine Orchard's cyborg mermaid, who is captured and used in scientific experiments, via the Canberra Times:

Click here to view this embed.

A better look at her costume, via AAP.

And here are more of the winners:

Special Effects Runner Up, Heather O'Flaherty

Brush and Sponge Winner: Nina M

Brush and Sponge Runner Up: Orly Snir

Brush-and-sponge encouragement award: New artist Jessica Hunt

Airbrush Art Winner: Kelli MacAlpine

Special Effects by artist Lorraine Halse. Model Donna Pottinger won Best Model on Sunday.

Special Effects Makeup by Kelli McAlpine

Special Effects Makeup by Kelli McAlpine

Photo by AAP.

Photo by AAP

Photo by AAP