Now that the week of television upfronts are coming to a close, it's time to take a look back at all the new TV we've been promised (and what we missed out on). Find out what happened to the mysterious Hunger Games show and get a better look at J.J. Abrams' latest attempt at a successful scifi series.


Biggest surprise of upfronts? The news that the CW has passed on The Hunger Games-inspired series The Selection in favor of Beauty and the Beast and Arrow. But that doesn't mean it's lost forever. Instead, they're redeveloping the show entirely. Also still in development? Eric Kripke's adaptation of DC Comics' Deadman!

What: With Smallville dead and gone, the CW desperately needs another flashy superhero series it can kick around for 10,000 years. And with that, the Green Arrow TV show, Arrow was born. The new clip looks slightly less cheesy than Smallville, but there's still a hint of fromage.
When: Wednesdays

Beauty And The Beast
What: Kristin Kreuk returns to the small screen as the Beauty in this modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The series is scheduled to air right after Vampire Diaries, so it's going to have a strong lead-in. And have you seen the beast, Jay Ryan? Dear me! We get the appeal.
When: Thursdays


What: The American Sherlock Holmes starring Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson and Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes. If it feel a lot like Steven Moffat's BBC series Sherlock, we're sure that's all just a big coincidence.
When: Thursdays

Adult Swim

King Star King
What: We only know a very small amount about this show, but it's a 15-minute animated comedy that follows a "modern-day He-man who's half-warrior, half-idiot from Futurama writer Eric Kaplan." Where do we turn in our money?
When: TBA

Rick & Morty
What: Community creator Dan Harmon has his own animated show on Adult Swim. While little is known about the series, the basic premise centers around a brilliant inventor and his idiot grandson.
When: TBA


The gritty drama featuring Marvel Comics superhero sleuth Jessica Jones has been shelved, but the massive success of The Avengers means new hope for the Guillermo Del Toro backed Hulk series. But we probably won't see a new Bruce Banner show for a few more years. Until then, there's three new genre shows coming out at ABC.

Zero Hour
What: Conspiracy theorist Anthony Edwards is thrown into an actual conspiracy when his wife is abducted by Nazis trying to birth the Antichrist. This is a nutty, NUTTY script. We're totally in.
When: TBA

The Neighbors
What: A bunch of city mice move to the suburbs, only to realize they've moved into a town populated entirely by aliens in disguise. That cry green goo out of their ears. Yup.
When: Wednesdays

666 Park Avenue
What: Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams are sucking in young couples (and their souls) with this haunted apartment building in New York City.
When: Sundays


While we're sad the android drama Beautiful People was nixed, our fingers are crossed for the dystopian future series, Revolution.

What: J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke's series takes place 15 years after Earth's electricity goes out and never comes back on. Plus, it stars Mustache Dad from Twilight.
When: Mondays

Do No Harm
What: A Grey's Anatomy take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Instead of turning into a monster, the main character turns into a sexy party animal.
When: Sundays


There is no new scifi or fantasy for Fox, none.


There's a host of new reality TV coming from the Syfy channel, but not a lot of brand new scripted shows (however, there are a ton of new shows in development including a Stephen King series and a time-traveling drama) . But the show we're most likely to see next year (they're filming right now) is the space wester Defiance.

What: Half MMO game, half space drama, Defiance is attempting to blend both the online gaming world with the dramatic TV hour drama. Set in the future after the alien Pale Wars, New St. Louis has to rebuild after being buried under years of war rubble. It's like alien Tombstone with a new law dog trying to keep the peace, tons of creative alien creatures scampering around, and dirt roads. The show will directly impact the online game (which is set in future San Francisco). If someone blows up future LA in the show, the damage will show up in the game (and vice versa). Should be interesting to see if they can pull this massive project off. Here's the trailer for the game.
When: TBA