Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli is venturing out of strict "found footage" horror with his new movie Chernobyl Diaries. But how scary is this movie actually going to be, in practice? Find out for yourself.

We've got a massive collection of stills and clips from the movie. On the one hand, thus far the trailers and clips have been pretty light on the jump scares (a PA staple.) On the other hand, we're getting the strong impression this is merely Hills Have Eyes with shaky cam.

But Peli (who wrote the screenplay and produced this flick) surprised us with Insidious and Paranormal Activity 3. Even though both horror movies both had disastrous endings, they still managed to scare the piss out of us. Another thing this movie has going for it is director Bradley Parker — this is his first feature where he's taking the lead, but he's been involved with a lot of projects we really enjoyed (Let Me In, Locke & Key).

Check out three clips and some stills from Chernobyl Diaries below. Scary or not? You be the judge.