Who would have guessed that Robert Downey, Jr. would look as rakish in a Russian General's uniform as he does in a suit of powered armor?

UK artist Steve Payne uses Photoshop to swap the faces of friends, family members, celebrities, and even regular folks like you and me with those of over three hundred 19th-century Russian generals, who were originally painted by English artist George Dawe in the wake of the Napoleonic War.

There are many, many more examples over on Payne's awesome tumblr, Replaceface, where you can purchase 24x20 canvasses of the portraits, or even commission a piece featuring your own marvelous mug.

But we've picked out a few of our favorite face-swapped scifi and fantasy stars for your viewing pleasure, below. One thing Payne appears to be missing: some female face-swaps. Something tells us Gina Torres would look mighty fine in a cloak and shoulder pads à la Sir Ian McKellen.

Check out more examples of Payne's work on Replaceface.