AVENGERS VICTORIOUS | The Avengers smashed box office records, taking in $200.3 million for its North American opening weekend. Image by Glen Brogan, via Super Punch.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's most astounding fact adapted as a comic

We've already seen a video interpretation of physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson's most astounding fact about the universe. Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than offers his graphic version of the famous quote, illustrating it in a single, beautiful webcomic. More »

So you need to drink your own urine

Perhaps you have been put on an impromptu space flight. Perhaps you're trapped with minimal supplies . . . in the Atacama Desert. Perhaps you're just bored and want to figure out how strong a stomach you have. More »

How did they really die? Reinvestigating the deaths of the famous and infamous

One way many physicians and physicians-in-training hone their diagnostic skills is by attending clinicopathological conferences (CPCs). CPC attendees get a patient's clinical summary, which contains all sorts of information that will prove useful in cracking the case. More »

425-year-old map offers new clues to the disappearance of the lost Roanoke Colony

The fates of the Roanoke colonists, who vanished from the banks of what is now North Carolina in the late 16th century, have never been fully settled. More »

Brush up on your Game of Thrones history with these animated shorts

If you need a scorecard to tell the Baratheons from the Targaryens, or just want to delve more deeply into the history and legends of A Song of Ice and Fire, then check out the extra features from the first season of Game of Thrones, animated videos that explain the background behind the houses... More »

What if Edward Gorey drew Lovecraft's unspeakable horrors?

Edward Gorey was the master of understated terrors, and if he'd ever illustrated the madness-inducing monsters of HP Lovecraft, they might look like John Kenn Mortensen's Post-It Monstres, in which horrific beasts loom over remarkably unperturbed kiddies. More »

The Classiest Doctor Who Scarf Ever

Kate Atherley's TARDIS scarf lets you sneak Doctor Who into the office. Atherley, Tech Editor of Knitty, has given us a way to live in the TARDIS. Her Doctor Who scarf design, complete knitting instructions, is available to all Whovians. More »

Daily life on Hoth, illustrated with Lego

Opportunities for skiing aside, life on Hoth can be brutal. The planet features little life (and some of that life wants to eat you), and if you're separated from your home base and your tauntauns, you're likely in for an icy death. More »

How to stop an asteroid using nothing but "pebbles"

Let's say we detect an asteroid about to hit Earth and for some reason we can't throw Bruce Willis at it. (My problem-solving strategies generally involve throwing Bruce Willis.) Well, a swarm of tiny spacecraft could also do the job. More »

On Fringe, confronting your demons is just what the bad guy wants you to do

Many science fiction and fantasy stories feature a theme of facing your inner demons in order to conquer evil. This is one of the most common tropes, because it allows us to see people getting over their baggage - More »

This man-eating crocodile was big enough to star in Lake Placid

Among the fossils unearthed from the Lake Turkana Basin of Kenya, a new species of crocodile has been described in terrifying detail. More »

Adventure Time in Hell & Stan Lee rambles about Fin Fang Foom at an auto show

On this installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons, Hulk destroys downtown on Ultimate Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy (including Rocket Raccoon!) appear on The Avengers... More »

The time an Apollo 16 astronaut swore about farting on the moon

We already know that farting astronauts are serious business, but the fact is that even the best-trained moonwalker can't stop themselves from passing gas. More »

Drop the base to make bagels more delectable

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is a strong base, capable of destroying or eroding things on contact. It's so caustic, it's used to dispose of human remains. More »

If Fry and Leela had kids, they would be adorable

What if Futurama's on-again, off-again couple finally stopped breaking up and settled down to have some Matt Groening-style babies? They might inherit Leela's mutation and Fry's lack of common sense, but they sure would be cute kids. More »