Opportunities for skiing aside, life on Hoth can be brutal. The planet features little life (and some of that life wants to eat you), and if you're separated from your home base and your tauntauns, you're likely in for an icy death. The dramatic Lego scenes capture the highs and lows of life on the snowy Star Wars planet.

Vesa Lehtimäki creates these action scenes, which rise above most toy photography. There's life in his little Lego men — sometimes sad or terrified life, sometimes routine or even amused life. Hey, he even managed to get Darth Vader to go skiing, albeit without his helmet. Vader should really watch out for those rocky patches beneath the powder.

Lehtimäki has loads more Star Wars scenes on his Flickr photostream including some that take place away from Hoth. But he certainly has a magical way with that snow.

Lego on Hoth [Avanaut - Vesa Lehtimäki] Tip of the hat to Discodave!