Edward Gorey was the master of understated terrors, and if he'd ever illustrated the madness-inducing monsters of HP Lovecraft, they might look like John Kenn Mortensen's Post-It Monstres, in which horrific beasts loom over remarkably unperturbed kiddies.

What's especially lovely about Mortensen's monster doodles is that, while Gorey is clearly an influence, it doesn't appear that he's fully aping Gorey's character design. And his empty-eyed monsters, occasionally tentacled and occasionally all teeth and hair, lend the scenes a sense of unavoidable doom. I wonder if the children will be the victims or instigators of that doom. Perhaps they will be both.


You can see more of Mortensen's illustrations on his blog or in his Post-It Monstre art book.

[via Lovecraftzine via MetaFilter]