Several Reasons Why Avengers Kicks Ass (That You Haven't Already Heard)

You've already seen the rave reviews of The Avengers. If you live outside the U.S., you might already have seen it. But you still might not have heard the best things about it. Here are a bunch of reasons why The Avengers is more than just a well-made comic book movie. They're as spoiler-free as we could make them, while still using nouns. More »

io9 Show: The Science of The Avengers!

This week on the io9 show We Come From The Future, it's all about The Avengers! We discuss the hotly anticipated team-up movie, check in with a genetic biologist, and see if we already have the science to create a real life-team of superheroes. Plus, we share our picks for superheroes that should get their own Hollywood treatment! More »

Joss Whedon dissects the family dynamic of The Avengers

Nobody knows how to portray a messed-up family like Joss Whedon. From Buffy and Angel to Firefly, Whedon has been portraying dysfunctional family dynamics for years - so we were excited to see him tackle Marvel's most fractious superteam, The Avengers. More »

Designing The Avengers: The Art of Marvel's Most Ambitious Movie

The Avengers isn't just the culmination of five big superhero movies over a four-year period - it's also the culmination of years of design work. When Marvel started preparing to bring its marquee heroes together in one giant adventure, some of the industry's most talented designers had to spend years working on everything from their costumes to the army they do battle with. More »

How Much Would It Cost To Build A Real Iron Man Suit?

Iron Man's suit isn't as science fictional as you might think. Most of its components exist right now in research and development labs. What would it cost Tony Stark today to put them together and become superhuman? More »

10 Hulk Storylines You Won't See In The Avengers

The Incredible Hulk's M.O. errs toward smashing crap, yelling self-aggrandizing slogans, and the mysterious power to perpetually be within a five-mile radius of a purple sweatpants factory. But it's unfair to stereotype the Green Goliath as a one-note behemoth. The truth is, comic writers over the decades have woven a diverse tapestry of stories about a giant, emotionally disturbed man with radioactive isotopes for melanin. More »

Loni Anderson Explains About the Time The Hulk Cried

How could any CGI version of the Hulk ever capture the pathos in this scene, where Hulk cries over a nice murdered lady and witness Loni Anderson narrates? I love the extremely broad range of emotions that cross Loni's face. More »

Mighty Cute Avengers: The Most Adorable Avengers Fan Art Ever!

When MODOK rears his ugly head, there's only one team of heroes you can count on to save the day: the Avengers. But Tony Stark and Steve Rogers don't just lead the coolest team, but the most lovable team in the Marvel universe. (Sorry, X-Men.) And tons of artists have captured the surpassing cuteness of the Avengers, with some ridiculously sweet fan art and shwag. More »

Completely insane Avengers coloring book asks kids to enter the maze in Hulk's pants

The Avengers have gone on plenty of thrilling adventures, but none as pulse-pounding as their escapade in the 1983 Marvel Superheroes Coloring Book. In this time-honored tome, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man spend forty-odd pages screaming about the magic pencils required to defeat the villain Ashius from the planet Fireball. More »