The Avengers have gone on plenty of thrilling adventures, but none as pulse-pounding as their escapade in the 1983 Marvel Superheroes Coloring Book. In this time-honored tome, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man spend forty-odd pages screaming about the magic pencils required to defeat the villain Ashius from the planet Fireball.

And like the famously impenetrable Dune coloring book, this text supplies plenty of great moments of otherwise serious characters desperately in need of drool cups. The Hulk actually comes out of this looking like a Mensa member, until he invites the reader into the labyrinth in his trousers. A huge thanks to Mark Anderson of Andertoons for dredging up this gloriously baffling PDF.

UPDATE: io9 reader Yankton has added his own artistic flair to this coloring book. Great hustle, Yankton!