When artist Thomas Allen was asked to create works for Baltimore's Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center and Johns Hopkins Hospital, he created these wonderful three-dimensional renditions of the cast of two children's classics, The Phantom Tollbooth and Stuart Little. Using old books, Allen made these cherished characters literally jump off the page. Explains Allen of his method:

For Stuart Little, I found a copy that looked as if it had been read and loved by countless children and expanded upon the original page illustrations. For The Phantom Tollbooth, I brought 6 of the book's many personified idioms to life by crafting the characters from the surfaces of other books and ephemera that spoke of their essence. For example, Spelling Bee appears to emerge and hover above a spelling dictionary while the Mathemagician stands atop a tower of flashcards, with a confident art raised skyward as if to say, "A solution to any problem can be found."

Here are the delightful collages Allen created. You can also check out his pulp novel pop-up art here and here.


"King Azaz"

"The Mathemagician"

"Rhyme and Reason"

"The Spelling Bee"





[Via My Modern Met and Boing Boing]