Last night a brand new international trailer for Prometheus was released — showcasing blasters, Space Jockey ghosts, and some brand new aliens to haunt your dreams.

There was a lot of insanity packed into one trailer. So we've gone through shot by shot, and rounded up everything, along with our speculations and theories about what's really happening in Ridley Scott's new movie. Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

Hot Spaceship Porn Action. Look at the lovely Prometheus rocketing into action!

Idris Elba, playing the awesomely named character Janek, lands the ship. We love how he's basically standing on the front window.

Idris at another deck (seems like he's the only crew member doing any work around here).

View from the Prometheus' nose.

A close up look at a Prometheus control panel.

Another great shot of the ship.

The rest of the crew wakes up from hypersleep, atop some sort of yellow pool floatie. Meanwhile android David (Michael Fassbender) rocks a pair of shades from the 90s.

The crew huddles up for their first presentation. The little puzzle box you see is actually the Weyland Industries future version of the power point presentation, officially titled the Modular Computing Device. According to the company's fake website, this is what it does:

Invented in 2024. Perfected in 2073. The Weyland Modular Computing Device (WMCD) can provide audio, visual and kinesthetic enhancement to any room, anywhere. The WMCD picks up live video feeds from a remote receiver and fills any space with the sights and sounds of that environment in real-time. The WMCD can also recreate a full-surround environment of a specific location from any point in time for academic study or personal entertainment.

The pair of lovesick scientists Elizabeth Shaw (played by Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green ) give the same speech you've seen before about their star map. But this time they're introduced by the boss lady, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), "Good morning I am Meredith Vickers, and it's my job to make sure you do yours. Ok then. On with the show."

A quick pan around shows off some additional crew and the angry mohawked dude who will eventually turn into some sort of space monster (as far as we can tell from the trailer).

But what's even more interesting in these short crew shots is David, being so lovably androidy. He's sitting up straight, with the most earnest expressions of interest on his mug. He's perfect — and will no doubt doom us all. If your robot isn't named Bishop, it's not to be trusted. One commenter wisely pointed out that since we've already seen evil robot, friendly compassionate robot and self loathing robot in the alien franchise. The only real place to go with androids in this film is innocence. Which is actually infinitely more interesting than the Winona Ryder robot from Alien Resurrection.

But before the group can explore their mysterious planet of destiny, Meredith lays down the law one more time. "Let's say I'm wrong and you do find these beings down there. You won't engage them, you won't talk to them. You will do nothing but report back to me."


And yes she's actually inside the Prometheus — this is one of the nicer quarters on the ship (we imagine it's Meredith's room) with the changing scenery screen. Get a better look at the quarters and other rooms inside the ship in this massive gallery of the ship.

And FINALLY we're out and about! Check out the first look from Shaw's helmet cam.

Remember the little red laser balls from the first trailer? Turns out they're officially called a Spectograph. So now you know. Here's the official run-down on them.

This next-generation device, used by Weyland geologists and engineers, surveys unknown planetary terrain in the pre-terraforming process. An omni-directional laser live-maps 3D topography and sends the detailed scanned images to the viewing platform. A new hyper-conducting spherical shell allows smooth, self-propelled flight in any atmosphere. Polymer film bio-sensors can detect airborne toxins and life forms down to 500 nanometers.

And just like that, everything goes to Hell. The man in the little old-lady glasses and the mohawk find a new alien, that starts off looking like the T-1000 but quickly turns into a space cobra and bites one of their hands. Here is an excellent gif from hoyvin-glavin of the beast in attack mode.

Here's another shot of the creature, right before it's sprung on its victim. Note the color change in color right in the creatures face (or ass we don't really know). We're still not sure which crew member this fella attacked, it's either glasses or mohawk. Either way we're pretty sure both are doomed as glasses disappears pretty quickly after this scene and Mohawk appears later as a monster.

Back on Prometheus, everything else is also going to hell. Some sort of giant head explodes similar to blasting a gallon of milk with a shotgun. At first we thought this was the elephant-like head of a Space Jockey (which we've already seen on the table in the ship's medical facility). But upon further inspection we're not 100% sure. Check out the "eye" on the left. It looks more humanoid. Plus is that the bridge of a nose? Maybe this is whatever was inside the Space Jockey suit head? We already know that the elephant-shaped figures are really more suits than actual creatures. Was there a head inside this helmet?

Shaw is locked out of a room that is covered in blood.

The culprit? Possibly this creepy purple tentacle that THWAPPS Shaw on the window!

You can tell things are not going to plan because both Meredith and Janek are making their "Oh shit, they died" faces.

People start "changing" but changing into what? We're not sure.

Janek finds a ship, that is basically right underneath them, cue all the moving ground scenes later. We've touched on this before, this is clearly the same kind of ship seen in Alien, the derelict. But in this trailer the decision to crash Prometheus into this massive ringed ship is now even more apparent (because they show it in the next still and later show the circular vessel colliding with the ground). Obviously to stop it from heading to Earth, as is announced with a shitload of dread. Why is it going to Earth? Don't know, but if it's worth sacrificing the entire crew to stop it, then it must be pretty bad.

The crash. No more Prometheus.

View from inside David the android's helmet.

Shaw is seen with an axe walking down a paper-strewn hallway. Good to know they're still using the old "in case of emergency" fire axe in the future.

A burned member of the crew gets up and scares this baby face. This is most likely the mohawked guy who is later seen ON FIRE and throwing another crew member over a tank.

In the midst of all the crazy Meredith delivers this chilling line, "If you go out there, you're going to die" and is then seen in a blue hallway pissed as hell and either helping or body slamming this person. I'm going to go ahead and say it now, that is either David or old man Weyland (Guy Pearce), who is secretly living on the ship looking for eternal youth or something else that rich old villains crave.

David is attacked by old ghost elephant bones.
Gif by Omega Level.

And then sees some actual bones (very xeno-like bones at that).

Someone's helmet melts into their face, it's horrifying. A precursor to acid blood? Do all aliens in Ridley's world of acid blood?

Gif By Futurastic.

Now there are three things going on (in the trailer). A RAY GUN FIGHT on the loading dock of Prometheus. The giant ringed Space Jockey ship is about to take off, and someone, probably Shaw, winds up half naked and in the medical pod.

A better shot of the ray gun.

Shaw inside the medical pod — note the awesome squiggly sperm that we caught attacking her in a previous trailer has been blurred out!

The laser scalpel sizes up Shaw's insides. Truly just scary as shit. Now that we're seeing her inside the pod minus the squiggly alien sperm, it's pretty obvious that the surgery is to remove something from Shaw. But how did it get there? Our guess, sex with her boyfriend, who has been hosting a different kind of alien parasite (which we caught wind of inside his eye previously). If that's true, then holy hell.

Buried in another international trailer is this horrifying gem. Check out Shaw's stomach right before the incision. And yes, we know there was a cut, because we've already spotted the scar.

Thank you for the tip, LandersDip.

Also hiding in the "other" international trailer. This creature who crawls out of a dead crew member's mouth. Which we believe to is the space cobra, covered in blood.