The visuals in Game of Thrones keep blowing us away — and now we have a glimpse of the process that's created them. Concept artist Kimberley Pope has posted dozens and dozens of her designs for seasons one and two.

Including an aerial view of King's Landing and Qarth, some very different early versions of familiar locations... and some huge spoilers for the ending of season two. (We'll put the spoilery images last, but beware!)


Here are some of the most striking images that Pope has posted. Above is an aerial view of the City-State of Qarth. Click over to her site to view the rest. [via Winter is Coming]

The Gates of Qarth

Early concept art of Harrenhal

More early Harrenhal concept art



Dragonstone entrance

Dragonstone exterior

The Map Room at Dragonstone

Burning the Idols at Dragonstone

The Ice Gate to beyond the Wall

A mosaic from the Eyrie, which we never really see

A Gondola going to the Eyrie

The Eyrie, matte concept art

Going to Winterfell

The Godswood at Winterfell

The Sept of Baelor, unused design

King's Landing

King's Landing

The Dragon Cellar, with Arya hiding

The Gateway to Vaes Dothrak

Khal Drogo's Funeral Pyre

Soldiers at the Cave

Soldiers at the Cave #2

The Battle of King's Landing (Spoilers!)

The Battle of King's Landing (Spoilers!)

The Battle of King's Landing (Spoilers!)

The Battle of King's Landing (Spoilers!)

Winterfell is burning (Spoilers!)