After weeks of begging for the Beaver folk to return to Grimm, our wish has finally been granted. This week was all about Beaver people and courage. Beaver courage, which was kind of shown in this episode. But mostly it was Pilates Wolf and Prince Eric doing karate in their garage (ok it's in the woods, but come on, that whole training scene was dripping of Step Brothers). Grimm has really found it's stride and it's just a whole lotta fun to watch.

This week we got to meet the fairy tale trolls, who are, of course, super possessive of bridges. A troll kills a beaver, and a little beaver witness has to find his inner strength to testify. And Of course the trolls pull the dickish move ever (because they're trolls!) and call the Reapers to come in and kill the Grimm, Nick. But apparently Nick is pretty good at hand-to-scythe combat and easily kills the two big bad reapers.

Then Nick sends the two Reaper heads back to Germany as a "message" to the other Reapers: Don't fuck with Prince Eric. Which makes total sense as he is a learned officer of the law and knows that standard mail makes for great head delivery. But this makes sense as it's in canon for Nick being the worst cop in the whole world.


And so it goes. What we're taking away from this episode is that Grimm has now figured out a way to effortlessly braid in new "monsters of the week" while playing with the fairy tale world they've spent many, many episodes building. Instead of just mumbling a handful of German jargon, we're playing around with characters and dynamics we're familiar with. It's great, seriously great. All this series needs to do now is find a purpose for Nick's lady friend and we're sold. The journey has been long, but it's starting to pay off. Which makes us happy, both for Grimm and our Friday nights.