For a segment for the Inside Nature's Giants television series several years ago, Dr. John Hutchinson of the Royal Veterinary College had the pleasure of documenting the dissection of an extremely dead elephant. He took photographs of this not-for-the-squeamish event, which involved invigorating smells and guts the size of bean bag chairs:

It was pretty amazing to watch it happen. The tension was intense — the animal had been dead for a while and was rather bloated. So cutting it open was a task gingerly taken [ …] RVC dissector Richard Prior stuck a scalpel in the upper abdomen when the time was right… the piercing whistle and the sulphuric odour silenced the crowd watching…and then quickly out came the guts.

You can read about John's further adventures with biological specimens and industrial freezers at his blog. Also see the Animal Inside Out exhibit currently on display at London, in which an entire trumpeting pachyderm's skinned musculature is on display.

[What's In John's Freezer via MeFi]