Despite reports that Chris Nolan would not be cleaning up the mumbles from the supervillain Bane in the Dark Knight Rises, a new sizzle reel presented at Cinema Con showed off a much, much clearer Tom Hardy, according to multiple reports. Meanwhile, check out a whole new crop of promo shots, with a badass-looking Batman and an extremely hairless Bane duking it out.

ComingSoon is reporting that the new footage showed off a bunch of new scenes, but it started off with the airplane hijacking prologue that debuted a few months ago. With one big difference: "You could clearly understand everything Bane was saying in this case." As for the new moments, there was a lot of Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle working undercover as a maid in Wayne Manor. Selina was also seen yelling at Batman in full Catwoman garb. But the biggest reveal must have been Bruce Wayne necking with Marion Cotillard's character.

We know that Dark Knight Rises takes place 8 years after Dark Knight, and according to Entertainment Weekly the time hasn't been kind to Bruce Wayne:

Bale has sunken eyes; he looks pale and haggard, and uses a cane. By comparison, Michael Caine's Alfred appears as if he hasn't aged a day. "Don't worry, Master Wayne," the butler reassures him later in the footage. "It takes a little time to get back in the swing of things."


But the biggest takeaway, which we've stated before, is Bane's voice. Collider was floored by the new sound.

However, the most important thing I want to emphasize is the new and improved Bane audio. During the beginning of the footage we saw some moments from the seven minute IMAX prologue that had previously been released. The muffled sound of Bane has been absolutely cleaned up so you can now hear him like he's standing next to you. While I don't know if this was just done for the CinemaCon sizzle reel, everyone was talking about it afterwards and saying how great it sounded. I personally think this is the new way Bane will sound.

Josh Dickey from Variety agreed and tweeted, "Also of note: Bane's voice has been seriously amplified & clarified in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and I don't care what anyone says. "


Which is absolutely great news, because we couldn't understand a word Tom Hardy said back in December. Thank goodness.

Here are some more excellent new promo shots for the film:


Images from Superhero Hype via Collider.