It's easy to regard humankind as a species that exists apart from the rest of the natural world. Dwell on that idea too much, however, and it can grow into an unsettling feeling of detachment.

The next time you're feeling isolated from nature, let these breathtaking illustrations, which seamlessly weave the bodies of humans with those of plants and other animals, serve as a compelling reminder that even when humanity and nature seem separated from one another, the two are, in fact, inextricably linked.


The pieces you see here are the work of Madrid-based artist Gabriel Moreno, who created them using an arresting combination of pen, ink and watercolor. What's really mindblowing is how much detail Moreno manages to include in every illustration. It's difficult to see in the pictures as they appear here, but many of his pieces are actually several square meters in area. Using finely crafted line work to depict images at such a large scale allows for a variety of aesthetic features to emerge depending on your proximity to the piece. The first two images illustrate this attention to detail particularly well.

You'll find more of Moreno's work on his website and facebook page. [Spotted on COLOSSAL]