PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER | Tristyn Pease captures a quiet moment at Hogwarts. See more of her delightful Harry Potter fanart here.

Crappiest "Save The Earth" Movie Messages Of All Time

Happy Earth Day, you disgusting mass of consumers! What better way to celebrate than with a round-up of the worst eco-friendly, lecturing movies? We also include a few "green" films that won't make you feel bludgeoned by a tree. More »

J.J. Abrams is "the guardian of Star Trek," including on television

Don't count on a new Star Trek show coming to your screen any time soon. Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller has talked to X-Men director Bryan Singer about pitching one - More »

This tiny blue flower can kill a humpback whale

The humpback whale is one of Earth's largest creatures, with an average weight of around 40 tons. But as it turns out, this gigantic creature is vulnerable to the toxins of a much smaller living thing: More »

Watch bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles inside space!

Take a look at the International Space Station, where Don Pettit constructs what can only be called Russian Nesting Bubbles - a series of thick-rimmed bubbles inside other bubbles, all of which center themselves. More »

On Supernatural, ghosts have Alzheimers and all the rules are thrown out the window

Last night's episode of Supernatural, "Of Grave Importance," demonstrated all the best and worst aspects of this season's take on monster-of-the-week episodes. More »

Insane and magical photos a father created of his daughters

All parents love to take photos of their children, but photographer Jason Lee goes one step further, manipulating photos of his two daughters to create magical scenes. More »

Finn & Jake solve marriage disputes on Adventure Time and Ponies re-enact the Star Wars Trilogy

This week we welcome Adventure Time back to the lineup and include the Avatar spin-off Legend of Korra for the first time. We've got some great clips from South Park (including a live action spot), a wedding on My Little Pony. More »

The spooky TV movie that caused post-traumatic stress disorder

On Halloween 1992, years before The Blair Witch Project, the BBC aired Ghostwatch, which claimed to be a live on-air investigation of a real haunted house. More »

Now at last we know why Peter and Olivia are important on Fringe

Fringe has been teasing us for ages with hints that Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham are super important - and that their romance could have universe-shattering (or saving) consequences. More »

World's narrowest house will be less than 60 inches wide

While some architects are out to create lofty skyscrapers, Polish firm Centrala is shooting for the world's narrowest home. The house will be wedged between two larger buildings, and will sit just 133 centimeters at its widest spot. More »

Why superhero movies are more than just popcorn fare

Tom Hiddleston returns to his role as the villainous Loki in The Avengers, and he couldn't be happier. While some people may argue that superhero movies are cinematic fluff, Hiddleston argues that the roles offer serious challenges for serious actors. More »

Zombie mall experience lets you live out your Dawn of the Dead nightmares

Do you think you could survive a few hours in a zombie-infested mall with a rifle and a few buddies? The British company Wish.co.uk lets you test out your zombie killing skills with an airsoft course set inside an abandoned mall, filled with shambling actors. More »

A skeleton seeks out his lost memories in webcomic Helvetica's Grim Fandango afterlife

In the Ancient Greek afterlife, souls that went to Tartarus drank from the pool of Lethe, whose waters caused them to forget the lives they'd shed. More »

Weaponize your office supplies for post-apocalyptic survival

You may have your home stocked with survival tools for the apocalypse, but what happens if disaster strikes while you're at work? Never fear, Jörg Sprave is here to teach you how to make slingshots and pickaxes from ordinary office supplies. More »