A pleasant stroll through the park turns into an apocalyptic showdown when the public art spews a fireball in your direction. That's just an ordinary day with Yanobe Kenji's fire-breathing robotic sculptures.

Not all of Yanobe's sculptures double as flamethrowers, but most sport an industrial, an even post-apocalyptic look. His trademark creation is Torayan, the hazard-suit wearing doll who populates many of his works. Up top is video of the Giant Torayan, a robotic sculpture that Yanobe describes as "the ultimate children's weapon." Giant Torayan sings, dances, breathes fire, and, according to Yanobe's artist's description, obeys only the orders of children. Yanobe has also created a fire-breathing dragon boat — the perfect defense vehicle for water travel — but it's with Giant Torayan that children will finally conquer the Earth.

[Yanobe Kenji via Beautiful/Decay via Neatorama]