There may not be a giant space baby, but these 2001 LEGO models by Jason Allemann are impressive nonetheless. That's a six-foot-long, 3,873-piece, 1:60 scale model of the Discovery One spaceship above, and check out a cheerful "Dawn of Man" diorama that consists primarily of monkeys, black plastic bricks, and bones.

Allemann also built a 3,670-brick model of the Leonov vessel from 2010: The Year We Make Contact. For those of you have six feet of floor space to spare, he's drafted a construction guide for the Discovery One (PDF), so put on some Richard Strauss and get cracking.

It only took Allemann a year to build, so anticipate listening to Also Sprach Zarathustra on loop for a while. (Throw in Eumir Deodato's Brazilian funk cover for variety's sake.) You can see more science fiction ships at Allemann's Flickr page.

BONUS: Stop-motion 2001 à la LEGO. Thanks JustVisiting!

True Dimensions (1, 2) via Reddit