For the temporally askew art show So You Created A Wormhole — which opens tonight at Los Angeles' iam8bit galleryartist Jude Buffum dreamt up Jurassic President, an inspired fighting game that gives America's presidents access to time-travel technology and prehistoric beasts. Here's his synopsis of this deathmatch:

Welcome folks to another episode of Jurassic President, the reality combat game show of the FUTURE, pitting contestants from the PAST, in a battle for the PRESENT. Where the greatest men that ever lived, former Presidents of these United Corporations of AmeriCo™, battle the most evil leaders throughout history. Using the most dangerous weapon known to man…DINOSAURS!

"Jurassic President, Episode 1 – American History Rex"


"Jurassic President, Episode 16 – High Score and Seven Years Ago"

"Jurassic President, Episode 26 – Stalin For Time"

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