TROUBLE ABOARD THE NOSTROLEGO | HP Mohnroth creates amazing Lego monsters and models, including this Ripley and xenomorph duo. Via Super Punch.

How Las Vegas missed out on a life-sized Starship Enterprise

In 1992, plans were in the works to create a life-sized Starship Enterprise in downtown Las Vegas. The model ship would have been roughly as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall, and would have contained all the key rooms and areas from the original Star Trek series. More »

Super Best Friends Forever returns and Optimus Prime turns on humans

What a great week to be an adult and watching cartoons. Transformers: Prime features a runaway, evil Optimus Prime, the members of Young Justice head to Europe, the Green Lanterns take on the very real problem of a planet-killing asteroid, and Lauren Fraust's Super Best Friends Forever makes a return as a DC Nation short this week! More »

The Mystery of the Glow-in-the-Dark Civil War Soldiers

The American Civil War Battle of Shiloh left 16,000 soldiers dead and 3,000 soldiers wounded, and some of those wounded soldiers are part of an odd mystery. More »

Awake really is the best show you're not watching

Every once in a while, one TV show comes along that does it all: explore characters at a deep level, delve into major philosophical issues in a fresh, meaningful way, and keep you white-knuckled with suspense. More »

Dream casting choices for superhero movies from another universe

If you could cast any actor in any superhero (or supervillain) role, who would it be? That's the question that Comic Book Resources has been posing to their readers. More »

Watch a laser set off a firecracker inside a balloon, without popping the balloon

What happens when you ignite a firecracker inside a transparent balloon? YouTube user WorldScott sets his blue laser to the task, and amazingly, the balloon makes it out intact. In the video details, WorldScott explains why this trick works with transparent balloons, but not opaque ones... More »

Doctor Who clockwork android cosplay is delightfully creepy

Sometimes the scariest thing is the face behind the mask. Reddit user hpierce snapped this clockword android, from the Tenth Doctor episode "The Girl in the Fireplace," which has escaped 18th century Versailles and invaded Boston for PAX East. More »

Gorgeous photo of a resupply ship docking to the Space Station

We've seen so many simulated spaceship-to-space station docking in movies and on television, but it's rare to see such a lovely photo of a real-life docking. More »

Picky hermit crab lives in a multicolored LEGO shell

Harry the hermit crab isn't like ordinary hermit crabs. Harry didn't want to wear a plain old sea shell or snail shell on his back. But Harry doesn't live in any old place; he lives in Legoland, and when offered a choice, opted for a Lego shell. More »

The abandoned man-made island shaped like a battleship

Japan's Hashima Island is better known as Gunkanjima, or "Battleship Island," and it's easy to see why. But this decaying city wasn't destroyed in a battle; it's an abandoned mining town that has been left to rot. More »

Lost Dark Knight Rises audio outtakes reveal that Morgan Freeman is a honey-voiced madman

This is absolutely golden. Thanks to the magics of the internet, somebody was able to leak the secret off-camera conversations between Morgan Freeman and Christan Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. More »

The novella that predicted the wreck of the Titanic

In early April, a luxury ocean liner set off across the Atlantic. The boat didn't carry enough lifeboats to hold its 3,000-odd passengers, but that didn't matter since the liner was deemed to be "unsinkable." One fateful night, the liner struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland, causing the boat to sink and most of its passengers to perish. No, this wasn't the sinking of the Titanic. It's the plot of the novella Futility, which was published in 1898, 14 years before the Titanic sank. More »

A breathtaking reminder of just how gigantic Jupiter really is

If you're looking for a reminder of how impossibly huge Jupiter is, just take a gander at this image from Cassini. That tiny satellite in front is Io...which is almost the same size and relative distance as our own Moon More »

Another solar system has more planets than ours…and here's what we're going to do about it!

We keep making amazing exoplanet discoveries, but our solar system has still had two big trump cards: we're the only one known to have life (obviously), and we've got the most planets of any known solar system. Well, about that... More »