What a great week to be an adult and watching cartoons. Transformers: Prime features a runaway, evil Optimus Prime, the members of Young Justice head to Europe, the Green Lanterns take on the very real problem of a planet-killing asteroid, and Lauren Fraust's Super Best Friends Forever makes a return as a DC Nation short this week!

Minor spoilers ahead!

Young Justice – "Performance"

The members of Young Justice enter carnie life as they form the Daring Dangers and go undercover in the Haly International Traveling circus to find a weapons smuggler. This clip ends with a throwback to the demise of the Flying Graysons.

DC Nation Short – "Time Waits for No Girl & Train"

Lauren Faust's Super Best Friends Forever returns this week, with this clip from Time Waits for No Girl showing us the problems a Batgirl can have while pretending to be smooth.

DC (and Vertigo) mainstay Animal Man makes his DC Short debut this week in Train, giving us a look at Animal Man without Grant Morrison in tow. Animal Man has the ability to borrow the physical powers of animals, with him stealing the speed of a cheetah in this clip.

Thundercats – "The Trials of Lion-O (Part 2)"

All of the Thundercats are trapped in Mumm-Ra's pyramid, except for Lion-O, who is finishing last of his trials. This clip gives us a look at the Thundercats, who believe Lion-O is dead, preventing Mumm-Ra from grabbing the Eye of Thundera.

Green Lantern: TAS – "Lost Planet"

We've debated this subject on io9, and now the Green Lanterns tackle the issue – how does one stop a planet-killer asteroid? Hal Jordan gets a chance in this clip, with only 5.2 minutes to get the job done. Kilowog wants to go the Armageddon/Bruce Willis/Animal Crackers route and blow the asteroid up, and that's why I love Kilowog.

I had to include this second clip - the Red Lantern Razer gets a bit pf psychoanalysis and doublespeak from a DC fan-fave Blue Lantern, Saint Walker. Phil Morris (Cosmo Kramer's laywer Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld!) provides the voice for Saint Walker.

Transformers Prime – " Nemesis Prime "

Optimus Prime has gone AWOL – he's attacking human military installations. This clip brings back memories of the Stephen King/Emilio Estevez mega-hit Maximum Overdrive, with a transformed Optimus Prime trying to run over his fellow Autobots in the dark of night.

Marvel Anime: Blade – " The Final Glory of Deacon Frost "

In the season (and likely) series finale, Deacon Frost finally makes his ultimate vampire species. Blade faces off with the spawn of Frost in this clip.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – " MMMystery on the Friendship Express "

A very sleepy Pinkie Pie is guarding a soon-to-be prize winning cake from rival bakers while on a moving train - not an easy task. After slumbering, Pinkie learns the cake is missing a massive piece, sending her on a Scooby Doo-style detective adventure.

Top image provided by Warner Brothers. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers: Prime airs Saturday afternoons on The Hub. Thundercats, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Young Justice air Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network, so turn your television on.