When MODOK rears his ugly head, there's only one team of heroes you can count on to save the day: the Avengers. But Tony Stark and Steve Rogers don't just lead the coolest team, but the most lovable team in the Marvel universe. (Sorry, X-Men.) And tons of artists have captured the surpassing cuteness of the Avengers, with some ridiculously sweet fan art and shwag.

Check out a gallery of our favorite cute Avengers art below.

Top image: Avengers Go The F*ck to Sleep by Sekra

The Avengers, Winnie the Pooh Style by Charles Paul Wilson III, via Technabob

Avengers Vs. X-Men Babies by Skottie Young, via Super Punch

Cat Avengers by Sara Richard

Avengers T-shirt Design by Dean Trippe, via Super Punch

Gender Swapped Avengers by Noelle Stevenson, via The Uniblog. Tons more Avengers art here.

Lil' Avengers by Laura Truxillo on Deviant Art, via Fuck Yeah It's The Avengers

Loki's Playthings by Laura Truxillo on Deviant Art

The Cat Avengers by Katie Cook, via Super Punch

The Avengers Noggins by Greg Ham

Avengers Assemble by Fruits Basket Head

The Avengers trade costumes by Cakegun on Tumblr, via Iron Fries

The Avengers Breakfast Club by Ninjaink on Deviant Art, via Popped Culture

Nick Fury's Boy Band by Barrypresh on Deviant Art, via The Uniblog

Chibi Avengers by Rebotica on Tumblr

Avengers Break by Dr Warumono

Hulk and Hawkeye by Noelle Stevenson, via The Mary Sue. Tons more at the link.

Kid Avengers by Ani Bester

Baby Avengers by ElDelgado on Deviant Art

Cute Avengers Art Print by Loopzart on Etsy

Ickle Avengers by Little Star Lolo on Tumblr, tons more at the link.

Chibi Avengers by Chibi Engineer

Chibi Avengers by AnauchihaB

Avengers Nap Time by Chibi Engineer

Avengers Vs. X-Men (dance contest!) by Barrypresh

Halloween Avengers by Spazzcase

The Avengers KB by KenjiArts

Hello Avengers by 4unt3r

Loki the Pudding Master by Liaartemisa

Baby Avengers being protected by S.H.I.E.L.D., by Cara McGee

Wild West Avengers by Clazziquai

Additional reporting by Jennifer Griffith-Delgado.