The io9 Book Club meets every month to discuss a book, and then the author usually joins us for a chat. We're going to do something a little unorthodox for our April. You see, Naomi Novik's latest novel in the Temeraire series, Crucible of Gold, just came out. But it wouldn't really be fair to ask everybody to read the 7th novel in a series, no matter how great the series is and how stand-aloney the book might be. So we're going to read the first novel in the series, His Majesty's Dragon. We'll meet April 24th to discuss His Majesty's Dragon — and if you feel moved to read the rest of the series, too, I won't stop you!

We're hoping Novik will join us later in the week for a discussion.

If you're wondering what this whole io9 Book Club thing is all about, you can visit our past meetings here.