Bringing new meaning to the phrase "potato famine," Belfast filmmaker John Clerkin has invented my new favorite Irish monster: the blood-drinking potato. In modern Ireland, potato eats you! Yes, the jokes just keep on coming, and that's pretty much the point in Clerkin's lo-fi flick about a GMO potato that gets you high — and then makes you kill!

You can see the trailer above, and here's the full synopsis:

An experimental potato hybrid is stolen by a cleaner (Alan Waterman) from the agricultural research lab. He has discovered an interesting side effect, letting the seedlings suck your blood gives you a high. He takes it back to the house of some friends with an indoor weed-growing operation where under the sunlamps it grows at an incredible rate. The agri-research company boss dispatches a ‘collector' to get the sample back.

The potato plant grows out tendrils which dig into anyone nearby. It gives a huge high even as it drains blood from the victim. The dealers see vast potential in this and arrange a fancy dress party to launch their new drug.

Prolonged interaction with the plant, however, causes violent insanity. At the party just as the collector arrives people start to go nuts and the few survivors immune from the effects must find a way to stop the evil plant before it spreads.

You can also watch a cute series of behind-the-scenes vids (called the Potato Vampire Diaries) where the filmmakers show us everything from the outdoor areas where they shot in Belfast, to the exciting process of "cleaning up all the piss" in their apartments to make room for sets. I'm sort of already in love with the cast and crew, even though I haven't seen the full feature yet.


The movie is slated for release soon — keep an eye on the Potato Vampire Facebook page for updates.

Spotted on Undead Brainspasm!