So April Fools' Day fell on a weekend this year. Instead of backtracking through all the pranks and gags of yesterday, we've compiled the best of the best for you right here. Behold, an orbital bed and breakfast and the most apocalyptic BBC headline ever.

And for more tomfoolery, don't forget Google Maps' Quest View and Think Geek's Admiral Ackbar singing bass.

The Mass Effect Cartoon
What if the video game space opera Mass Effect was a Saturday Morning Cartoon? And the alien gang could beat the Reapers with rock and roll? Why, that would be TERRIBLE. Take a look, brought to you by IGN.

Spiel Burgers
Possibly the best joke of the entire day! Here's the website for the restaurant Spiel Burgers a burger joint inspired by the works of Spielberg. Our favorite sandwiches include, "The American Tail", "Jurassic Pork Pulled Sandwich", "Dr. Hammond Cheese" and the "Catch Me If You Canneloni." Brilliant.

3D Cat Printer!
Print love! Print joy! Kodak's new Cat Printer will allow you to print thousands of LIVE Kittens!

Virgin Volcanic
Richard Branson is burrowing through the Earth with his new Virgin Volcanic project. Along with Tom Hanks, the lion-maned Virgin Group magnate will be journeying to the center of the Earth:

Sir Richard Branson will go on the first expedition along with Tom Hanks, Academy Award winning actor and star of Joe Versus the Volcano; Black Eyed Peas recording artist and science enthusiast; actor/producer Seth Green; and two-time Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple. Tom Hanks said: "A window seat for a journey to the liquid core of our home planet would be a bargain at twice the price."

Hologram Projecting Jem Earrings
Yes, these are the real-deal Jem earrings which turn you into a rock star from We Love Fine. Showtime, Synergy!

These perfect replicas of Jem's high-tech pink starburst earrings are synced up to your computer via Bluetooth technology! Once you have installed the Synergy software, simply give the program your measurements, a photo of your ideal guy and preferred limousine color (interior optional), and voila! You're ready to pain the town pink with your best friends - via HOLOGRAM TECHNOLOGY!

AirBNB International Space Station: "Tranquility"
AirBNB is renting out a space station for thirty travelers.. Follow the rules, "Smoking strictly forbidden. All guests must take a series of physical and intellectual tests before being granted access. Absolutely no aliens." Just bring your own damn towels.

Sponsor A Direwolf
Someone, please make a Sarah McLaughlin YouTube video paired with TFAW's "Sponsor A Direwolf" gag.

James Cameron's dive reveals a new species!
James Cameron's making movies about muscled cat people in love and finding new creatures at the bottom of the ocean. Check out the creature Cameron discovered on his fancy deep sea exploration.

[Via Deep Sea News]

Gmail Tap
Gmail is making the way we communicate easier, with Morse Code.


Regular adz??? Dat iz boringness. You get Cat Block instead. Much Betterz.

Interplanetary Reporting Comes To Google Analytics (It's About Time!)

At Google we like to create solutions for the future. And we imagine a future where web use won't be restricted simply to Earth. Rather, people will want to visit their favorite sites while cruising around the rings of Saturn with friends or relaxing at the (inevitable) Mercury tanning facility.

When the galaxy is our playground, marketers, analysts and webmasters will want to understand location use beyond Earth. For example, if you had a chain of taco stands and noticed many users visiting your website from the Mars outpost, well, that might help you make a business case to begin expanding your business to serve Mars colonists.

That's why today we're announcing a sneak preview of our new Interplanetary Reports. While currently you only get a partial picture of website visitor location, we want to expand beyond Earth to help you understand visitor activities from neighboring stars and planets. You'll also be able to drill down on each planet to see greater detail. For example, which colony or outpost your visitors came from similar to the city drill down available for Earth today.

[Via Analytics]

My Little Pony Hooves!
Get a pair of fabulous Pony Hooves for just $20.00, at We Love Fine!

Scientific American
Scientific American revealed that neuroscientists don't really know what they're talking about either. Check out this lovely pull quote:

"We're always qualifying our conclusions by reminding people that the brain is extremely complex and difficult to understand-and it is," says Philip Tenyer of Harvard University, "but we've also been a little lazy. It is just easier to bluff our way through some of it. That's one perk of being a respected neuroscientist-you can pretty much say whatever you want about the brain because so few people, including other neuroscientists, understand what you're talking about in the first place. As long as you throw in enough jargon, it sounds science-y and legit and stuff."

Drunk Hulk
Drunk Hulk woke up from a strange dream.

Sulu Spin-Off
George Takei announced that Sulu was getting his own spin-off Star Trek movie titled Excelsior!

Friends, I'm thrilled to share this news with you today. As announced at Emerald City Comicon, where I'm appearing this weekend, Paramount Pictures has green-lit a new Star Trek Movie entitled "Excelsior" in which I will play the captain. This announcement is part of Paramount Studio's 100th-year anniversary campaign. The studio has acknowledged the fan enthusiasm for this concept ever since I appeared in command of the vessel in "The Undiscovered Country." J.J. Abrams will direct, with Robert Orci again writing the screenplay.

My co-star in Allegiance, Paulo Montalban, has been cast opposite me to play the mercurial "Agha," the grandson of Khan (played by Ricardo Montalban in the Second Star Trek Movie). Also featured are Gilbert Gottfried (playing a wily Ferengi First Officer) and Lisa Lampanelli (as a Bajoran security officer).

More to come on this breaking story soon. Thanks again for the years of support, and I'll see you on the Bridge of "Excelsior."

Image via Kelly Freas.

Mood Paint Cars
Peugeot RCZ rolled out their mood paint cars!

"The colour of your car says a lot about you, but thanks to a new innovation in paint technology the Peugeot RCZ can show exactly how you're feeling by literally changing its body colour."

The BBC Apocalypse
The BBC reported some very sad news on April 1. However, it wasn't BBC News proper that reported this, rather a spoof BBC page, looking for a laugh. Still made us smile!