The sentry turrets from the Portal games are pretty adorable, but I wouldn't be caught in its line of sight. After all, I don't feel like getting gunned down with laser, no matter how heart-meltingly pathetic the shooter is. Apparently, a would-be burglar felt much the same way, turning tail at a toy turret.

Edit: Sadly, as I feared, this turned out to be a prank. I was kind of hoping the dude wouldn't lie about a home invasion, but it was too good to be true.

Dan Morrill, an Android developer working for Google, says he woke up last night to the sound of his garage door opening. Realizing there was an intruder, Morrill quietly walked downstairs and spotted someone by the door. But this someone was stopped dead in his tracks by the presence of Morrill's inflatable Portal turret, which he'd purchased from ThinkGeek. This isn't a fancy talking turret, but a simpler trinket that ThinkGeek jokingly claims will protect you and your loved ones. But Morrill decided that, with a little help, perhaps the toy could make good on its promise:

Anyway I'm standing there and this sad little flashlight beam starts shining on the turret. I'm like, it won't take long for this dude to figure out it's inflatable. I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking, but I ran with it. In my best high-pitched turret voice, I ask, "Are you still there?" From where the dude was, the sound would have come from the direction of the turret, and he (probably?) didn't know I was there. I waited a heartbeat and then said "Deploying!" and that pretty much did it.

Next thing I hear is feet running down the garage stairs with no worry about quiet. I run to the room across the hall and look out the window and sure enough someone is running out the garage and up the driveway.


I really, really hope this story is true (it is April 1st, after all). I wonder if the home invader was spooked by the turret itself, or just the realization that they'd already been spotted. For my own amusement, I'll just go with Batman's assurance that criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot and assume the former.

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