Wonder what's going to be on the Internet in the years 2015, 2112, 3000, and beyond? Fortunately, the social bookmarking site reddit's new timeline feature predicts the most popular links on the Internet through the heat death of the universe.

Reddit's goofy April Fool's prank is to introduce a new "timeline" feature. But unlike Facebook's dreary timeline, reddit timeline doesn't just show you your friends' high school poetry and baby pictures; it tells you what's going to be on the Internet in the near and distant future. Spoiler, in the year 3000, it's all Futurama jokes. Also, if you were hoping to see Half-Life 2: Episode 3 within your lifetime, you'll be sorely disappointed. If futurism isn't your thing, you can also travel backwards to the Big Bang, the late cretaceous period, and the bloody year zero.

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