THE ANCIENT ONES | Newly discovered exoplanets are nearly 13 billion years old — or almost as old as the Big Bang itself. Find out more here.

Our Spoiler-Free Verdict on Game of Thrones Season 2

We called Game of Thrones season one an astounding achievement - and this continues to be true in season two. This show is continuing to redefine what's possible on television. More »

One little black hole really wouldn't hurt Earth that much

Primordial black holes are theoretical mini black holes that were formed in the Big Bang. If they are around, they could pass right through our planet at tremendous speeds...and, as it turns out, that wouldn't be that big a deal. More »

The Trouble With String Theory

Particle physics is to physics what big game hunting is to field biology. While theoretical physicists pore over their mathematical models, particle physicists are out in the brush with their pith helmets and shotguns, speaking softly, carrying big accelerators and blowing stuff up real good. More »

The 10 Most Baffling Moments In Lois Lane And Superman's Love Life

Lois Lane and Superman are the iconic comic book couple, but their romance has weathered some rough patches throughout the decades. Here are ten of these head-scratching occasions. More »

Why cats can survive falls that would kill any other animal

Cats can famously fall from skyscrapers and only suffer the most minor of bruises, including the recent story of a cat surviving a 19-story fall in Boston with only a bruised chest. More »

A Treasure Trove of Cosplay from the Swinging 1970s [NSFW]

Science fiction and fantasy cosplay has changed a lot in the last 35 years. Back in the late 1970s, there weren't very many rules, if any. And there certainly was nothing like a separate costuming fandom. More »

Watch a tail-wagging reunion between a woman and her wolf friends

You know how excited dogs get when their owners come home at the end of the day? Multiply that by four and turn those dogs into wolves, and you'll have an idea of the pure canine joy in this video. More »

Everything The Hunger Games Movie Left Out

Now that The Hunger Games has gobbled up all the world's money, it's time to take a hard look at how well it captured everything we loved from the book. While the movie stayed pretty faithful to Suzanne Collins' book, there were still a lot of things missing. More »

There are few things creepier than an abandoned Japanese sex museum (NSFW)

Like any reasonable human being, you've thought to yourself, "Man, I wish there was a building where I could wander around in total darkness and decrepitude, surrounded by giant stone genitalia at every turn." Well rejoice, because there's a place in Japan where your fantasy is a reality. More »

Major Highlights in the History of Space Opera

Space opera was born at the beginning of the Twentieth Century - and arguably, did more to define the last century than any other genre. For most of the previous century, our most thrilling dreams of adventure were inspired by the stories of starships, aliens and interstellar empires. More »

Researchers uncover 8,000 years of human history hidden in the Middle East

How do you map the expansion of Earth's earliest civilizations? For years, researchers have tackled this daunting task on a settlement-by-settlement basis, searching for clues in mounds of earth throughout the Middle East. More »

Researchers describe a new evolutionary theory: The Black Queen Hypothesis

Bacteria belonging to the genus Prochlorococcus are some of the wimpiest in the world. Left to their own devices, these microorganisms have an exceedingly difficult time just staying alive - which seems counterintuitive, given that they're also the most abundant photosynthesizing organisms on Earth. More »

NYC Dept of Education wants to ban the word "dinosaur" from standardized tests

Their justification? The word "dinosaur" calls to mind other no-no words, like "evolution" (also on the proposed list of forbidden words), which could offend test-takers who might not necessarily believe in evolution. More »

The results of the most comprehensive face transplant in history are absolutely incredible

In 1997, Richard Norris was shot in the face. The accident almost cost him his life, and, even after years of reconstructive surgery, left him without significant portions of his face and jaw. More »

New Evidence that Our Insecticides are Killing Off the Bees

We've all heard that bee populations are dwindling. Far less clear, however, is what's actually causing the slump. Now, two studies have provided some of the most compelling evidence to date that a popular class of insecticides may be contributing strongly to the collapse. More »