In 1984, author Joy Gammon penned The Doctor Who Pattern Book, an unheralded treasure trove of Time Lord fashion. In this out-of-print tome, Gannon lays out how to transform otherwise normal fabrics into duds that put the "ill" in "Gallifrey." No place in time or space has witnessed this much sartorial thunder tucked between two covers.

My favorite parts of this book are the low-budget background touches, such as the paper plates taped to a wall in an attempt to emulate the interior of the TARDIS. I also like how A.) some photos are randomly out-of-focus; and B.) the publisher eschewed a studio to film at a construction site. Finally, some poor kid had a bunch of Doctor action figures, all with the same face and deer-in-the-headlights expression.

The styles focus on the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. You have Tom Baker's scarf and Peter Davison's cricket jumper and celery brooch. There are also outfits for companions like Nyssa and Adric. Sadly, we only have photos and not patterns, as I would carry the K9 bag as a man-purse with zero compunction.

Thanks to Flickr user Zardoz Speaks for taking these photos. See also: the greatest underwear ever.

[Hat tip to Plaid Stallions]