Come the robot uprising, one of the first orders of business on the insurgents' agenda will be to breathe life into the world's most dangerous pre-existing mechanical equipment.

Fortunately for those who like to plan ahead, the vast majority of today's hazardous machines feature warning labels that clearly illustrate all the ways that they can maim, burn, and dismember all humans.


Featured below is a small sampling from an incredibly amusing set of mechanical warning labels, collected by the folks at NOTCOT during this year's WESTEC manufacturing convention in Los Angeles.

For those unfamiliar with it, NOTCOT describes the convention as "the ultimate manufacturing show from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers… [featuring] amazing tools, waterjets, 3D printers, CNCs, microCNCs, robot arms, welding devices… and SO much more." In other words: The perfect birthplace for a robot insurrection.

May we all learn from the mistakes of these hapless stick figures, that we might be prepared for the very worst in the years ahead.

Check out the rest of the set over on NOTCOT.