Stegosauria are some of the most widely recognized dinosaurs in history. And the Volkswagen beetle is one of the most iconic vehicles ever made. Combine the two, throw in some extra scrap metal, and you've got yourself some of the most badass dinosaur art this side of the Cretaceous.

This sculpture featured up top hails from the Beautiful Days Festival in Devon, England, and was captured on film by photographer Mark Massey. We can't find any mention of the artist responsible for the awesome stego-beetle itself, but we'd love to find out so we can give credit where credit is due! Update: The masterminds behind stego-beetle are Mutoid Waste Company (it even says so right there on stego's flank), the same people responsible for LRRY-1, the incredible, fire-breathing robo-dog.

It's always refreshing to see someone channeling their inner Calvin, finding dinosaur fossils in everyday objects:

Oh, who are we kidding... everyone knows even "real" dinosaur fossils are a scam.
[Mark Massey via COLOSSAL]