VICTORY IN THE ARENA (AND AT THE BOX OFFICE) | The Hunger Games had a huge opening weekend, breaking box office records like a tribute's delicate bones. Katniss and Peeta art by Mike Maihack of the webcomic Cleopatra in Spaaace!! [via The Uniblog]

Secret door inside this wardrobe leads to a Narnia-themed playroom

Some people's childhoods are simply more magical than others'. For example, where some kids might get an ordinary closet, this nine-year-old got a wardrobe with a secret passageway into Narnia. More »

The Return of Thundercats and the Season Finale of Archer

This week, Thundercats returns, we learn what happens to Archer and his fellow ISIS members aboard the International Space Station, ponies plan for a tornado, and a fan favorite Autobot returns in this week's episode of Transformers: Prime! More »

See the model for Mass Effect's Samara cosplaying Samara

If this blue-skinned lady looks just a little too much like Mass Effect's badass justicar, that's because she's Rana McAnear, the actress who provided the model for Samara. More »

Best Birthday Gift Ever: Father comes home from Afghanistan dressed as Captain America

If you don't want to get salty tears in your morning coffee, you might want to put down the mug while you watch this video. Young Cole gets two amazing surprises for his birthday: First, Captain America shows up at his front door. Then Captain America turns out to be Cole's dad, home from Afghanistan. Go ahead, grab a tissue. More »

Scary movie villains retire from haunting and move into the old folks' home

It's been three decades since films like The Shining, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street first arrived on the big screen, and their villains haven't gotten any younger. More »

Women of Thrones answers fans' hatred for Cersei, Sansa, and Catelyn

The new season of Game of Thrones has us all excited for the return of sword-wielding Arya and dragon lady Daenerys, as well as the introduction of warrior woman Brienne. More »

The Trouble With String Theory

Particle physics is to physics what big game hunting is to field biology. While theoretical physicists pore over their mathematical models, particle physicists are out in the brush with their pith helmets and shotguns, speaking softly, carrying big accelerators and blowing stuff up real good. More »

Coca-Cola: Proud sponsor of the 74th Hunger Games

One thing missing from Suzanne Collins' hyper-consumerist Capitol society was corporate sponsorship of the Hunger Games. This parody commercial rectifies that situation. More »

Now this is the trailer Disney should have used to market John Carter

We've poked and prodded at the baffling marketing campaign for Disney's John Carter, which did little to tout the rich history and alien setting behind Andrew Stanton's movie. More »

What is this cloudy spot on Mars?

Mars watchers have a bit of a mystery on their hands. An astronomy buff captured this photo of the red planet, with what looks like a growth emerging from the sphere. More »

How A.I.: Artificial Intelligence ends in a different, better universe

I have my own personal canon for the series I love. There is no epilogue to the Harry Potter series. Ron Moore and I have some differences of opinion on the final fate of the Galactica. More »

Batman and Bane will punch literacy into preschoolers' brains

Christopher Nolan's Batman movies have offered grim and mature take on the Dark Knight. But at least one set of The Dark Knight Rises tie-ins aren't aimed at the older, violence-consuming crowd. More »

The last mammoths died out just 3600 years ago…but they should have survived

We usually think of woolly mammoths as purely Ice Age creatures. But while most did indeed die out 10,000 years ago, one tiny population endured on isolated Wrangel Island until 1650 BCE. More »