Christopher Nolan's Batman movies have offered grim and mature take on the Dark Knight. But at least one set of The Dark Knight Rises tie-ins aren't aimed at the older, violence-consuming crowd. Instead, they're aimed at children who are just learning to read.

A full month and a half before Nolan's final bat-film hits the theaters, HaperCollins will release a series of Dark Knights Rises books aimed at younger readers. Preschoolers on up will get to read the action-packed adventures of Batman as he battles Catwoman and Bane.


Granted, it's a movie tie-in (for a possibly violent movie), but if it's done well, it could be a pretty brilliant one. Little kids already know Batman is awesome, and if that gets them reading, more power to HarperCollins. I know I've handed the occasional vocab-enriched manga to a kid to help them learn new words quickly. It could also be a nice diversion for younger ones who aren't quite ready to handle the big-screen bat. I just can't help but wonder if they'll address Bane's pharmacological indulgences.

[via DC Women Kicking Ass]