Don't superheroes ever get cold? I suppose that spandex might be specially formulated to regulate temperature, but that still doesn't help with bare-armed superwomen who fly the frigid skies or run through the chilly streets fighting (or committing) crime. These ladies from the DC Universe decide to bundle up instead with some nice cozy sweaters.

Artist Hanie Mohd gave these heroines and villains their cool-weather looks, and I must day, they look so comfortable in cotton and wool. And Mohd made them fashion-forward as well — I'd live in that Wonder Woman pullover. Maybe DC could rotate a few knits into the costume rotation, at least during the winter storylines?

Mohd's designs have also inspired some sweet super sweater cosplay, perfect for those winter conventions. She also sells prints of her sweatered superfolk at her Etsy store.

DC Girls in Sweaters [Hanie Mohd via The Mary Sue]