One of the most striking things about pandemic stories is the silence. Devoid of people and bustling cars, cities stand as stony memorials to human race, not yet reclaimed by nature, but reclaimed from noise.

This series, Silent World by photographers Lucie & Simon, capture a side of the world's busiest cities that we rarely see in real life. Beijing, New York, Paris, and other cities are all emptied of cars and crowds, leaving behind only a few people to witness the time after the din.


More than images of destruction, these photos really get at the eeriness of the post-human world, those first few days and months and years in which our buildings and roads have outlived their usefulness. It almost makes the images we've seen of plants covering our decaying cities comforting in their display of how life goes on after we're gone.

Silent World [Lucie & Simon via mashKULTURE]