Break out your overalls — there's a new adaptation of George Orwell's 1984 on the horizon. The world's most famous dystopian narrative is coming back to the big screen. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's production company (Imagine Entertainment) is teaming up with LBI Entertainment to bring back the Ministry of Truth. But the real mastermind behind this project? The guy behind the Obama posters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the production team is currently looking for writer to adapt Orwell's words once again. Any suggestions?

Oddly enough, the street artist behind the Obama posters and the André the Giant OBEY signs, Shepard Fairey, was "instrumental" in this project. Fairey and Imagine Entertainment were fighting for Orwell's estate rights to 1984 with LBI Entertainment. But instead of duking it out, they all decided work together. So we hope you're not sick of the "HOPE" posters by the time this movie hits screens (which is most likely years and years away) because with Fairey attached, we bet this thing is just littered with his signature stamp.