All the gadgetry in Portal and Portal 2 make these video games excellent subject matter for steampunk artists and illustrators, but examples of well-done steampunk portal cosplay can be hard to come by.

Enter DeviantART user batman-and-bananas, who not only crafted a wicked steampunk version of Chell's handheld portal device (see below), but also a badass pair of impact-deadening Long Fall Boots. She describes her creation:

These pretty much complete the Steampunk Chell Cosplay... [they're] based on the Portal 2 boots, because I didn't want to be bare-footed all day. Instead of the arch to minimise falling damage, I went for giant springs as a technology replacement more suited to the Steampunk design and historical era.

These started as two pairs of shoes, one cheap pair of black pleather boots and an old pair of canvas shoes. The heel 'spring' is actually plastic tubing as I could screw this straight into the heel to secure it firmly (plus a lot more sensible to walk in).

You can check out her whole ensemble, and a lot of her other work, over on DeviantART. [Via Craft]