The manga Hetalia personifies nations as a group of constantly bickering characters. Artist Irene Flores has done something similar for the solar system, minus the bickering, with cheerful characters based on the eight planets, plus Pluto.

Flores has been creating these original characters for an unnamed project. Perhaps a children's book or a comic? I love how she's translated each celestial body into a distinct character — elegant Saturn, Jupiter and his large family of moons, fleet-footed Mercury. Pluto, as the dwarf planet, gets to be the solar system's dog (although perhaps it's just a play on the Disney character). She also has an additional illustration below, with the Earth and two unnamed characters, whom I suspect are Earth's moon and the sun.


Hopefully, we'll get a chance to see what Flores has in store for these characters as her project grows.

[Irene Flores via The Uniblogger]