If superheroines found themselves fighting crime in the year 1887, would they trade in their spandex for corsets and petticoats? Artist Michael Dooney transports familiar females back to the Victorian era, and gives each one a new costume design.

Dooney, who handles cover art duties on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics, gave his ladies a more neo-Victorian makeover, with the girls hanging out a bit more than I'd expect from proper Victorian women. Although, perhaps like their modern counterparts, late 19th century superheroines simply wear less than your average woman on the street. The costumes are quite pretty, but since these mostly aren't gun-toting gals, we don't get nearly enough of the weaponry. Half the fun of this invented Victorian design is adding a touch of steampunk to your technology.

1887 Ladies [Michael Dooney via GeekTyrant]