What if clone trooper progenitor Jango Fett hadn't died in the Star Wars prequels and instead lived to train his non-trooper son Boba in the ways of the Mandalorian bounty hunters? 52 Weeks with the Fetts explores the father-son relationship that could have been.

Artist Stéfan photographs a number of Lucas-themed toy series, including Stormtroopers 365 and Indiana Jones' Unlikely Adventures. He recently completed 52 Weeks with the Fetts, 52 funny photos depicting the adventures of the armored bounty hunters. Boba and Jango hunt wookiees together, play games, and do their chores, but in a way only the Fetts can.


See the whole series at Stéfan's website, but be warned that it has a bit of a misty ending.

52 Weeks with the Fetts [via BuzzFeed]