MR. GOLD AND MR. BLUE LEAD THE WAY | This Reservoir Dogs/Star Trek mashup by Retro Outlaw Studios was just one of many things that caught our eye on the WonderCon floor. We're also very excited about the trailers and panel reports that have already come out of the convention. Let's review the weekend so far.

Best Of The WonderCon Floor: Superhero Undies, Evel Knievel Fett and More!

Looking for some excellent art, t-shirts, posters and collectables from WonderCon 2012, but don't want to do the leg work? Don't worry, we did it all for you! More »

Watch the full horror-filled trailer for Prometheus!

It's finally here: the much-anticipated full trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus! Get a fuller taste of the alien horrors in store for the Prometheus crew as they investigate those mysterious hieroglyphics and discover something sinister in space. More »

Get a first glimpse of the twisty, action-packed time travel noir Looper!

We can't wait to see Brick director Rian Johnson's new film, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hitman who kills people from the future. We've got the full report on the WonderCon trailer, plus see the first images from the film! More »

Watch Honest Abe wield his blessed axe in the new Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer

The action-packed second trailer is out for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and it gives us more insight into the president-to-be's vampire hunting history. More »

Ridley Scott and the cast of Prometheus talk the film's human-like androids and Alien's influence

The following panel featured director Ridley Scott, writer Damon Lindelof, and stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender. Scott and Lindelof started by tackling the big ongoing question about this movie - what exactly is its relationship to Alien? More »

The Amazing Spider-Man will hint at future Spidey villains!

Director Marc Webb has spent WonderCon talking up his Spider-Man reboot, and he revealed one big new detail. While the Lizard is the main villain this time around, the movie will also hint at who Spidey will face in the sequels. More »

Our First Look at Battleship's Mysterious Aliens

Universal's board game adaptation ditches the round pegs and plastic destroyers of the original Battleship for a high-seas skirmish between the US Navy and aliens. More »

Latest Snow White and the Huntsman footage reveals just why the Evil Queen must kill Snow White!

We just saw a new trailer for the gritty fairy tale movie Snow White and the Huntsman, and we've now got our clearest idea yet just why Snow White matters so much to Charlize Theron's evil queen. More »

Watch five minutes of gravity-defying craziness from the space prison movie Lockout!

Next month's Lockout sends wisecracking, loose-cannon federal agent Guy Pearce up to an outer space prison, to save the President's daughter from rioting convicts. More »

See the timeline of Weyland Industries and witness the birth of the David android

The full Prometheus trailer isn't the only exciting new media Ridley Scott is sharing today. The Weyland Industries website has been updated with a timeline of the corporation, along with a video of the birth of a certain android. More »

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter footage features vampire decapitations on an exploding train!

We've seen WonderCon's exclusive Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter footage, and it's chock full of our sixteenth president taking his trusty axe to evil vampires's chests. More »

Here are all the crazy ways Alice kills the undead in Resident Evil's newest zombie snuff film

The fifth Resident Evil movie, Retribution, is out this fall. As we saw in a WonderCon sneak peek, the years haven't dulled star Milla Jovovich's ability to kick major zombie ass. More »

Gwen Stacy's dad slams Spider-Man in this viral newscast video

It's never easy when your girlfriend's father hates you. The latest viral video for The Amazing Spider-Man features a newscast surrounding the so-called webbed menace, his spray paint-wielding fanclub, and Capt. More »