In the future nation of Vodkovia, each athlete's body is reshaped to enhance their natural talents: wider eyes for archers, additional arms for wrestlers, and extra joints to give gymnasts a literal leg up. The other countries may not like it, but Team Vodkovia is taking the Olympics by storm.

These strange concept photos come from Oil Kellett, and they almost look like a perverse ad for a Vodka company. I assume the name Vodkovia is meant to evoke Soviet-era athletics, in which children with superior athletic skills were identified and trained at a young age, but it just makes me think that some of these fictitious athletes received their "enhancements" because their mothers drank too much vodka while pregnant (and I don't like to think that, Mr. Kellett). I suspect the Olympic committee would frown on these sorts of bioenhancements, but perhaps someday we'll see a transhumanist version of the Olympic Games.

Oil Kellett [via mashKULTURE]