Looking for some excellent art, t-shirts, posters and collectables from WonderCon 2012, but don't want to do the leg work? Don't worry, we did it all for you! We walked the WonderCon 2012 floor grabbing only the very best for this post.

Discover the coolest stuff at WonderCon, and where you can get it, right now!

Retro Outlaw Studios
Best mash-ups, ever.
Booth: 731

Retro Outlaw Studios
Nest mash-ups, ever.
Booth: 731

Retro Outlaw Studios
Nest mash-ups, ever.
Booth: 731

Geek Chic
Seriously beautiful. Table gaming furniture. We sat in the 8-hour chair, it was sublime.
Booth: 890

Josh Ellingson
One print for $25, 2 for $40.
Booth: AA5

Josh Ellingson
One print for $25, 2 for $40.
Booth: AA5

Sign Up for the 501st Legion
Booth: 597

Superhero Stuff
Comic Book Underwear.
Booth: 647

James Silvan
Darkwing Duck Banner $5
Booth: AA157

"Doctor Mew"

Monkey Minion Press
Booth: SP33

MTC Toys
Geeky Hockey Jerseys!
Booth: 485

The Devastator
Interesting new magazine.
Booth: SP15

MTC Toys
Badges for anything and everything under the sun.
Booth: 485

Booth: 790

Erwin Haya
Booth: 812

The Rational Past
Booth: D2

Game of Thrones
Get your head photoshopped onto the one of the spikes of Westeros!
Booth: 438

Sighco Graphics
Loads of H.P. Lovecraft T-Shirts!
Booth: 380

Double Parlour
Masked Men.
Booth: AA180

Haunted Memories
Moving Portraits, think the spooky paintings from Disney's Haunted Mansion.
Booth: 279

Unpossible Cuts
Tons and tons of Geeky cut out jewelry.
Booth: AA180

The Pumpkin Geek
Not real, but still completely amazing!
Booth: 691

Echo Locations
Gorgeous Sad Robot.
Booth: AA87

Crimson Chain Leatherworks
Robot Masks from $20 to $120.
Booth: 848

Official Sound of My Voice spot. Get your cult tatts here!
Booth: 348

Tanboy Teez
Booth: 1002

Tanboy Teez
Booth: 1002

Robert Luedke
Entertainment Weekly Cover For Vincent Chase's Aquaman
Booth: AA107

Quantum Mechanix
Wash's Dinosaurs
Booth: 463

Quantum Mechanix
Super 8 Cubes
Booth: 463

Franken Factory
Wolf Girl Figure by Shea Brittain ($70, $60)
Booth: AA179

The Adventures of 19XX
"A Dieselpunk webcomic devoted to the airship adventures of a group of heroes called The 19XX." Really lovely designs, felt like an alternate world Rocketeer comic.
Booth: 904

"Zoinks" T-shirt. Also a collection of classic Universal monsters drawn in lovely black and white.
Booth: 844

Zombie Bunnies (formerly of Wireheads)
Booth: SP11

R2 Builder's Club
Booth: D16

Choice Collectibles
Wonder Woman!
Booth: 155

And finally, the pièce de résistance. Behold an art series about a noose-wearing figure who is currently reenacting World War 2. So. Many. Yipes.