One of the coolest things about Adventure Time is its cartoony style — but that's just an instant temptation for artists to try and render Finn and Jake in a more realistic style. This ranges anywhere from Manga-influenced features to photorealism to "grown up" versions of our favorite post-apocalyptic fantasy heroes. (It doesn't take much to be more realistic than Adventure Time.)

Take a look at some more realistic Adventure Time art that will charm you with cuteness... or shrivel your soul with weirdness.

Top image: Ghostco on Tumblr.

Ice King by Bran Flakes on Deviant Art

Finn and Jake by Phil Noto, via Atomik

Marceline, Princess Bubble Gum and Finn — from Dr. Sketchy's. The popular erotic drawing series had a special Adventure Time-themed drawing session late last year. You can see more sketches as well as photos of the event here — but warning: They are probably NSFW. (via WV Gazette)

Fionna looking all grown up, complete with bloody sword. Via Hanichen

Realistic Jake the Dog, by Salvation-Series on Deviant Art

Adventure time by Cosmeria on Deviant Art — is Jake pulling off his kid face to reveal a grown-up face? What the — ?

By MS Paint is Magic on Deviant Art. This might be the most disturbing of all, for some reason.

Ice King by Suarez on Deviant Art

Finn by Suarez on Deviant Art

Marceline by Suarez on Deviant Art

Why are you so mean? by Madame Origami on Deviant Art

Stuck on You by Madame Origami on Deviant Art

What Time is it? by Madame Origami on Deviant Art

By Matt Muzzy

Kuroi -Tsuki on Deviant Art

Finn the Human by Salvation Series on Deviant Art

Finn LSP by Kanda3egle On Deviant Art

Notgf3 on Deviant Art, via Buzzfeed

By Javas on Deviant Art

By Collie Mills, via Frederator Blogs

By Christine Larsen, via Frederator Blogs

By Alex Eckman-Lawn, via Frederator Blogs

By Anthony Pedro, via Frederator Blogs