The most important tournament of our time has returned: io9's March Movie Madness. Last year the bracket of doom bestowed the honor of greatest science fiction movie ever made on Serenity. Much to the surprise of many of us, Whedon's space adventure beat out Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in the final round. But such is the way of the bracket.

This year you are tasked with crowning the world's worst science fiction movie ever made. We carefully selected and seeded the most despised films from the genre world. One by one, they will each fight to the death according to your votes, until we have our victor. 64 films enter — only one will leave. Vote now to decide which film is truly the worst.

Need a closer look? Click on the image right her to embiggen the whole bracket and see the thunderdome madness in all its glory!


As far as criteria for voting goes, we leave it in your hands. Vote by how you feel. What makes a bigger flop: shattered expectations, or just general crappiness? It's up to you to decide. Today marks the first round. The polls will be open from 12 PM PST to 11 PM PST. Here's the official schedule:

First Round Part 1: Wednesday, March 14th
First Round Part 2: Friday, March 16h
Second Round: Monday, March 19
Second Round Part 2: Wednesday, March 21st
The Sweet Sixteen: Friday, March 23
Elite Eight: Tuesday, March 27th
Final Four: Thursday, March 29h
Championship: Monday, April 2nd

VOTE RIGHT NOW For the movie you think deservers the title of Worst Scifi Movie Ever Made. First round of polling ends tomorrow night at 11 PM.


Important Note: We're only voting on half of the bracket today. The Last Airbender and all the rest will be voted on later. Be sure to check the full bracket to see all the movies included! UPDATE: Sorry some of the polls weren't showing up properly, it's all fixed now thank you!

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