Want more proof that the fashion world is continuing to be rocked by science fiction and futuristic (or really, retro-futuristic) visions? Look no further than these pictures of Karl Lagerfeld's designs showcased at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show. (At which apparently Katy Perry was in the front row.)

Lagerfeld staged his fashion show in a huge set full of Kryptonian crystal protrusions and icy floors, reminiscent of Clark Kent's secret hideaway in the Arctic. But that kind of overtly science fictional backdrop only really works if you stuff it with completely batshit science fiction fashions, and Lagerfeld really delivers here. Check out all those silvery shoulderpads and weird neck communicator things. This is cyborg/alien fashion at its most in-your-face. And speaking of faces, what do you think is going on with those eyebrows? Seriously. They're freaking me out.

Photos by Jacques Brinon/AP and Pascal Le Segretain/Getty