At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo on April 14, Marvel Entertainment is auctioning a ton of Captain America props (and a few Thor and Iron Man 2 doodads) off for a pretty penny.

Many of the marquee items are expected to go for thousands of dollars, but Marvel has managed to sneak in a few gewgaws for the price-savvy collector. Here's a rundown of some of the most thrilling keepsakes to buy if you're not interested in remortgaging your house.

The Lavish Option: "The complete [Red Skull] makeup consists of seven individual pieces, pre-painted, overlaid and then final makeup applied on actor Hugo Weaving. The appliances covered Weaving's entire head, ears, neck and partial chest." ($2,000 - $3,000)

The Affordable Option: "A 3 in. metal ring of eight (8) old-style jail cell keys, which Captain America retrieves from the Hydra jailer he knocks out while infiltrating the Hydra Factory. The keys are then used by Captain America to unlock the jail cells and liberate the POWs." ($200 – $300)

The Lavish: "This Cosmic Cube was used to power deadly Hydra weaponry and vehicles. These cubes appear in several key scenes in the movie." ($800 – $1,200)

The Affordable: "110+ prop production-made license plates likely used during the thrilling Steve Rogers and Kruger taxi chase sequence." ($300 - $500)

The Lavish: "This is a hero shield composed of a resin, silver-painted back with brown leather and buckle arm straps.The iconic shield face is of aluminum veneer in silver, red and blue. This is a battle-scarred shield carried by Steve Rogers as Captain America in various early scenes of Rogers's emergence as the ultimate super hero soldier." ($4,000 - $6,000)

The Affordable: "21 in. diameter, rubber trash can lid with metal handle, used in the alley fight outside the theater between the Loud Jerk and 'Skinny' Steve Rogers. During the one-sided brawl, Rogers holds the lid up perhaps in a foreshadowing of Captain America's shield to come?" ($200 - $300)

The Lavish:"This hero suit is the culmination of all other evolving versions seen on screen and is the hero suit seen in all scenes from the 'invasion montage' onward. The suit is also used in most graphic advertising and promotional materials for the film." ($20K – $30K)

The Affordable: "The Loud Jerk's costume who beats up 'Skinny' Steve Rogers in the alleyway. This costume is made up of dark wool jacket, mustard-colored short sleeve shirt, Polyester pants, brown leather boots and tweed cap." ($200 – $300)

The Lavish: "The creation of Dr. Erskine, and one of the most impressive technological devices in the film, this is the Rebirth Pod that the 'Skinny' Steve Rogers enters as part of his transformation." ($3,000 - $5,000)

The Affordable: "Prosthetic silicone reinforced feet worn by Steve Rogers during his thrilling pursuit of Hydra agent Heinz Kruger through the city streets." ($300 - $500)

The Lavish: "Mark II 'Autopsy' suit [from Iron Man 2], appropriated from the military by James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, played by Don Cheadle, who proceeded to disassemble it (performing an "autopsy") for examination of the technology in order to construct War Machine." ($60K - $80K)

The Affordable: "Crème colored wool cable knit turtleneck sweater worn by Howard Stark aboard the ship searching for the remains of Steve Rogers after the Suborbital Bomber crash." ($200-$300)

The Lavish: "Stunt Mjölnir, Thor's distinctive large, square-headed war hammer, with foam rubber head realistically painted to resemble ancient forged metal, entwined Nordic design and Runes, and stout handle wrapped in brown leather with lanyard." ($3K -$5K)

The Affordable: "Two (2) red and white paper peanut bags filled with actual peanuts.These are the screen-used bags from the scene where Steve Rogers (soon to be Captain America) and his soldier pal Bucky Barnes are on a double date at the World Expo." ($100 - $200)

You can read the full catalogue at Profiles in History.