Before he was winning Oscars for Wall-E and Finding Nemo, John Carter director Andrew Stanton was a teen scribbling Tharks in his personal notepads. In fact, a penchant for fan art is something that all three of the head honchoes working on John Carter share. Take a look at the childhood Barsoomian doodles from Stanton, screenplay scribe Michael Chabon, and Pixar alum Mark Andrews.

When we visited John Carter's edit bay months back, Stanton joked that before he started working heavily on John Carter, people had to prove that they were die-hard Edgar Rice Burroughs fans. This wasn't a problem for second unit director/writer Mark Andrews and author Michael Chabon, as each of them had pages of Princess Of Mars doodles and Thark drawings from their childhoods. Behold!

Here's a sketch of the Thark by Andrew Stanton, at the age of 12...


Another Thark sketch by John Carter's Mark Andrews, who was also the head of story on The Incredibles and the director of Pixar's latest movie Brave.


Childhood sketch from John Carter scribe Michael Chabon, the author of Wonder Boys and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. In our recent interview with Chabon, the author admitted that he found the Edgar Rice Burroughs' books at the age of 12 at a mall in Columbia, Maryland. It was as if this "incredibly arresting object" had just materialized.